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Soul Care Level 1 – Biblical Discipleship Training

Church: Tennessee Valley Community Church

Location: 2500 East Wood Street in Paris, TN 38242 (Tel# 731.641.8822)   www.tvcc.us

Day:  Tuesdays

Soul Care Level 1
Soul Care Level 2
Soul Care Level 3

Church: Calvary Bible Church

Location: 5245 Clarksville Hwy, Joelton, TN 37080 (Tel# 615.746.7716 )  www.cbctn.org

Day:  Throughout the Week

Soul Care Level 1
Soul Care Level 2
Soul Care Level 3

Soul Care Level 1 takes place in the loving, gracious, and supportive care of a local church ministry and it’s leadership (2 Cor 7:3; Eph 5:25; Col 4:5-6). The reason soul care belongs in the local church is that the disciple/follower of Christ must be held accountable for his beliefs, attitudes, and actions—ultimately by their shepherds who are commanded to “keep watch over (their) souls, as those who will give an account” (Heb 13:17). In addition, the disciple will experience encouragement by their discipler, who truly believes their disciple can experience progressive and permanent spiritual heart transformation. Level 1 utilizes 26 lessons designed to equip the disciple in biblical theology and encourage weekly accountability.

Soul Care Level 1 - Curriculum


Lesson 1: God’s Word Our Rule
We have made the first lesson available for you to view online and download the student notes.
If you desire to access the other lesson, please contact us at: info@fbscm.org)


Lesson 2: God and Understanding the Trinity

Lesson 3: God’s Sovereign Attributes

Lesson 4: God’s Sovereign Plans and Purposes

Lesson 5: Creation

Lesson 6: God’s Providence and Your Life

Lesson 7: Man, Woman, the Garden, and Sin

Lesson 8: Son of God's Act of Atonement

Lesson 9: God the Father and God the Spirit’s Role in Salvation

Lesson 10: Result of Salvation: #1 – Justification and Regeneration

Lesson 11: Result of Salvation: #2 – Adoption and Assurance of God's Grace

Lesson 12: Result of Salvation: #3 – Sanctification and Perseverance

Lesson 13: Result of Salvation: #4 Glorification and Living the Gospel-Centered Life

Lesson 14: God Glorifying and Pleasing Worship

Lesson 15: God Glorifying and Pleasing Marriage and Family

Lesson 16: God's View of Work and Possessions

Lesson 17: The Believer's Walk That Values Life, Truth, Liberty, and Obedience in Christ for God's Glory and Pleasure

Lesson 18: The Church: Life in the Body of Christ

Lesson 19: Two Ordinances: Believer’s Baptism and the Lord’s Supper

Lesson 20: Death, Resurrection, Judgment, and Eternity