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Soul Care Level 3 – Biblical Studies Institute

This is a biblical studies institute offered to those individuals that have successfully completed Soul Care Level 1 and 2. This is a two-year program that provides a classroom setting for individuals to study a Systematic Theology of the Bible:

Theology I
A study of prolegomena, dealing with the essence and source of systematic theology, and reasons for its study; theology proper, including revelation, trinitarianism, and God’s relation to the universe; and bibliology, emphasizing inspiration and inerrancy.
6 month class

Theology II
A study of Christology, the person and work of Jesus Christ; pneumatology, the person and work of the Holy Spirit; and angelology, including the nature and ministry of angels, Satan, and demons. Includes an introductory examination and critique of the charismatic movement.
6 month class

Theology III
A study of anthropology, focusing on the origin and nature of man; hamartiology, dealing with the fall and its consequences, especially total depravity; and soteriology, dealing with the atonement of Christ, election, regeneration, conversion, justification, sanctification, and glorification.
6 month class

Theology IV
A study of ecclesiology, focusing on the inception, organization, ordinances, and ministry of the church; and eschatology, including a study of the biblical covenants, the rapture, tribulation, the millennial reign of Christ, the resurrections, the eschatological judgments, the eternal state, and personal destiny.
6 month class